Classes Offered

Pre School- A 45 minute long ballet class geared for 4 year olds with beginners level tumbling at the end of the class.

Combination Class- A one hour long class offered for students ages kindergarten through second grade. The first 45 to 50 minutes of class is classical ballet which is the foundation for all other dance forms taught here.  The remainder of the time rotates weekly between beginner tap, tumbling and a “surprise week” where we do a dance oriented activity.

Ballet Class- A classical ballet class lasting one hour for students third grade through college.

Ballet Pointe- A classical ballet class lasting one hour for students that have studied ballet for a number of years and are physically ready to work in pointe shoes.  Students in this class must display correct technique in ballet work and be granted permission by the instructor to enter.

Adult Ballet Class-  A one hour and 15 minutes classical ballet class for intermediate  level adults looking to exercise and who enjoy dance.

Hip-Hop, Jazz and Tap- This is a one hour long combination class.  Current day music is used for this class. Students must be third grade or older.


Ballroom- This one hour class is offered to adults with partners that want to learn basic ballroom dancing.  Swing, Cha-cha, Fox trot, Salsa, Merengue, and Waltz are offered.

Stretch- This one hour class for adults works on stretching and toning muscles.  It is a non-aerobic class.